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Some Positive Words

I’m a very big fan of positive words, sometimes a few truthful words makes me feel so much better if I’m feeling down. I found some really nice words on Behance the project is a lettering pieces for Bianca Gonzalez’s book, Paan Ba To?! A self-help book drawn from Bianca Gonzalez’s life experiences and is […]


Feria Hidalgo 2014

I wanted to share this amazing illustration project which I discovered through Behance. It’s a branding proposal for 2014 HIDALGO State Fair. Designed by three designers such as Diego Leyva, Alfonso Cervantes and Jimena Oropeza.   “The concept was to create a concept based on the Tenango embroidery (Traditional from the state of Hidalgo) linking […]



So I’ve eventually watched the latest Disney movie “Frozen” which was lovely but I am a very big fan of the original Disney movies such as Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, Jungle Book & one of my favourites Cinderella. Watching Disney movies has been a big part of my childhood and I feel it did […]


Looks can be Deceiving

This is just something that made me laugh. I basically came across this project on Behance, I literally was skimming this project and it instantly reminded me of the game spot the difference I used to play as a kid. Anyway I’m not going to go into detail about what the project is about but just simply share the designs […]


The Transport Museum

I thought I’d share some more of my photographs, these were taken a while ago at the Transport Museum. It was a good place to take photographs with loads of details to capture like the wonderful building and the transport itself. I’m not sure if these photographs are any good but I liked them and personally feel […]



This is probably my first post where it’s nothing do with design. But I’ve been feeling a bit down lately and one thing that cheers me up is watching my favourite Youtubers. About three years ago I came across a Youtuber named Superwoman she is a Youtuber who is a motivational speaker, and comedian. Some […]