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Cake Design

I caught a quick snap of the wedding cake. It’s not a great photo but I just had to post it. I feel cake design is getting more and more creative. It’s again something I have been a fan of for a while since being addicted to the television programme “Cake Boss”. Cake design has […]

Trying out Henna!

So with the wedding season here I recently attended a family wedding in Edinburgh. Due to the various customs and traditions the henna night was a long night and decided to try henna out myself.   If you’re not familiar with henna it’s basically a paste that is bought in a cone-shaped tube and is […]


Wedding Invitations

Finally the wedding season is here! Thought I’d share a picture of a couple of wedding invitations we’ve been given these last couple of days. I absolutely love comparing invitations, from the style, colour and overall design. In my culture weddings is a wonderful time where a lot of family come together to share the […]


Editorial Work

I’m still carrying on with college work throughout the Easter break, I’ve been spending a lot of time on my editorial project, finally getting a bit faster with hand drawing. Thought I’d share a sneaky photograph of some of my designs without giving too much away! Obviously I will be sharing the end result of my editorial project. But […]

My Logo

Why is your own logo so hard to design? Honestly I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out what I want my logo to look like but I’m struggling. I wanted to look hand drawn therefore that’s what I did simply write my signature about fifty times and scanned it into Illustrator. I don’t […]


Steve Simpson

I’ve recently came across an amazing illustrator through Behance. He goes by the name of Steve Simpson. His unique style and use of colour and texture allows his illustrations stand out. In some cases his projects reflect to his Irish background which again allows his work be unique. I really admire his style of character […]