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So I’ve recently been told about a website called Skillshare,and thought I’ and thought I’d take the time to write a short blog on it. Skillshare is a learning community for creators. Anyone can take the class online, watch video lessons, create projects and even teach a class themselves!   There are 3 various memberships, […]


Practice Makes Perfect!

So I eventually had some time to try a bit of hand lettering. I did start it on the weekend and it took longer than I expected since I haven’t been well. Anyway the process is a long one and I can honestly the say the planning of composition is vital as you need to […]



I thought I’d share some of my photographs I took on my trip to the Botanic Gardens. It was a class trip since we were having a few lessons in photography. Photography has been something I wish I was better at but with a basic compact camera it’s not helped as well as having very […]


Hand Lettering

I’ve recently been really interested in hand lettering, actually it’s impossible to not to keep seeing it, it’s an incredibly beautiful part of design and is something I’ve briefly looked into and wondered how it was done. So I’ve came to a point where I’ve started to research well known hand lettering artists. So far […]


Inkquisitive Illustration

Finally I’ve decided to publish my first blog post! So I thought I’d share the work of an amazing Illustration artist I’ve been following for a while. He goes by the name of “Inkquisitive Illustration,” his real name is Amandeep Singh. Well I came across him last year, since he has been emerging fast due to […]