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Friday 26th June 2015


I was researching Disney quotes as I want to be to do further experimentations with Disney quotes using hand lettering. While researching I stumbled along these lovely type posters designed by Nikita Gill. The use of her simple style and centred composition of typography allows her designs to be visually bold and the use of her solid colours allow it to refer back to the various Disney characters and the animation they are from. I really admire her strong style throughout the series of posters.


If you would like to see all of her poster designs and more work, here’s a link to her Behance!


Here’s a few of her poster designs.


b25d4e8b23dd03c4271920b65c610283  Frozen

Lilo and Stitch  Print

Print  ed655a6a4ab5ccea47398a70793b88f7

Print  757e36b8706b9333e2ec6c6cfd4c59fd

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