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Thursday 28th May 2015


I’ve recently been on Etsy looking at various poster designs and came across some lovely Disney posters, obviously full of colour but with the use of a water colour paint effect. Some more abstract than others they are all wonderful pieces of art and could see myself buying some in the future and maybe trying out this technique since it works so well.

The name of the person selling these prints on Etsy is Marco Friend if you would like to check out their Etsy shop I’ll leave the link below.


il_570xN_715544108_ambg  il_570xN_715542568_9ldt

il_570xN_770855259_f83r  il_570xN_768153153_rlj5

il_570xN_770817568_cgqn  il_570xN_715664427_1ilc


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