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Saturday 28th February 2015


I’ve recently been really interested in hand lettering, actually it’s impossible to not to keep seeing it, it’s an incredibly beautiful part of design and is something I’ve briefly looked into and wondered how it was done. So I’ve came to a point where I’ve started to research well known hand lettering artists. So far I have discovered an amazing letterer, named Mary Kate McDevitt who is also an illustrator from Brooklyn.

I feel her work is full of creativity with the beautiful use of composition, her attention to detail and sometimes use of subtle illustrations and not forgetting the eye catching colours, allows her pieces of work to come to life. Her work is truly inspirational and has given me the motivation to try out hand lettering. To help start me off I’m watching videos and researching tips and tricks, it looks like a hard process but with the standard of finish at the end it looks like it’s worth it.

Therefore once I feel I’m confident enough, I’m going to get stuck in and hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon since I’m really desperate to use the technique within one of my current University projects!

Oh and please check out her incredible work, on her website, http://marykatemcdevitt.com

You never know her work may inspire you too!


Mary Kate McDevitt’s Work:

CreativityIsMagical_02   Wicked+Sweet+Tooth

Heartwork_Shine   TexasMediceneCover

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