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Monday 23rd February 2015


Finally I’ve decided to publish my first blog post!
So I thought I’d share the work of an amazing Illustration artist I’ve been following for a while. He goes by the name of “Inkquisitive Illustration,” his real name is Amandeep Singh. Well I came across him last year, since he has been emerging fast due to the power of social media. His work is truly inspirational and with the use of vibrant colours and splashes of inks he has created his own unique style of art.


In his own words:

“I believe art come from the palms of our hands and from the tips of our fingers, which is why I always choose to handle, make and produce my work through nothing but ink….”


He has created many pieces of artwork, where he uses pop icons, famous characters, actors Bollywood and Hollywood, world leaders, music legends and figures of his faith Sikhism. I really admire his work as it emphasizes that we can create art with any materials, since his signature splashes of ink has allowed him to get recognised for his creative and unique style!


This is a small taster of some of his work!


556420_433108696733371_1541356950_n      1604928_697534816957423_1629521217_n


10471231_791921210852116_6725419630582390128_n                1939469_715642325146672_653222924_n
This is Inkquistive’s latest editorial piece “Can’t be too careful, you know. – Jiminy Cricket”


If you wish to see more of his work, head over to his website




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