Time, Money & Body Image


This is my infographic project from my first block of the BA degree. This was a challenging project, as it was the first infographic I had ever attempted and it is harder than it looks. From finding various statistics on my chosen subject was time consuming and then trying to design ways of recreating this information through imagery was hard work.

So I decided to base my infographic brief around the way men and woman spend money. With thorough research into many statistics it later on lead to me looking into body stats, identifying weight issues with men and appearance problems in women.

So my original idea was to focus on an illustration, of a male and female figure. With that idea as my foundation I was able to achieve that allowing me to eventually messing around in Photoshop experimenting with various brush strokes, giving it a stronger visual appearance.

With the main illustration finished it allowed me to incorporate my statistics around the figure, which again was challenging as the composition of imagery and text had to balance out well allowing my statistics to also have a strong visual impact.

Though it was a challenging process overall I am happy with my finished design, and feel I could attempt to design another infographic with a lot more confidence.