Traditions & Customs


Finally I get to share my editorial project, one of my favourite projects from my BA Degree. I have blogged about my editorial project a couple of times allowing you to see my progression of the project.

The editorial brief was to design a booklet, I decided to choose the subject “Customs and Traditions” ­– one of five subjects we could base our project around. With further research I wanted to design my booklet on the traditions and customs of weddings. I then looked into different cultures and eventually picked two cultures such as the Chinese and Sikh culture. Both very diverse cultures allowing me to look into various aspects of how these cultures celebrate weddings.

I knew from the start I wanted to use a hand lettering style for this project since I had recently been my obsessed with Kate Mc Devitt’s work which really inspired me try out her techniques. With help from Mary’s Skillshare tutorials it gave me the boost to get more creative with my designs, it was a long process but I really enjoyed live tracing them into Illustrator and adding vibrant colours allowing my designs to come to life.

Above I have shared some of my favourite designs and there is a few more which I will feature in a blog post. Overall I am so pleased with how my designs turned out and I feel I have grown more confident with hand lettering and I’m really keen to get even better and definitely use it in the future!