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Monday 16th March 2015


So I eventually had some time to try a bit of hand lettering. I did start it on the weekend and it took longer than I expected since I haven’t been well. Anyway the process is a long one and I can honestly the say the planning of composition is vital as you need to get the typography styles to balance well together and look visually strong.


With some help from various online tutorials and tips from professional hand letterers it gave me that push I needed to finally put pen to paper. So I decided to write a quote, which would allow me to try out various techniques used in hand lettering. The quote I chose was “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” I felt it was a strong quote and with the contrast of big and small words it would allow me to use various techniques.


Like any other projects the first step was to draw out loads of thumbnails, giving me time to analyse the size of my letters, how many lines there would be and the style of fonts. Once that was done the rest was pretty straight forward, by drawing out the letters in pencil – very lightly as you don’t really want to see any pencil marks once finished.


Then finally going over the pencil lines in black pen. I had recently researched what pens were good for hand lettering and I found Micron pens were rated the best, they are a little pricey but they are worth it. They are very easy to handle, light and don’t go through the paper, within the packet of pens I purchased was a Pigma brush which I’m not confident in using but hopefully with a bit of practice I’ll use it in later work.


With a couple of hours of “colouring” in the letters in black, I was soon finished. I really enjoyed the process and had forgotten how relaxing it was to draw as it’s something I don’t do enough. With this being my first time I obviously hope to improve and be a lot faster since I’m using hand lettering for one of my projects in Uni. Though it was a personal project and I do feel the end result is average but with more practice I hope to improve my hand lettering skills, since “practice makes perfect.”






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