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Disney Type Posters

I was researching Disney quotes as I want to be to do further experimentations with Disney quotes using hand lettering. While researching I stumbled along these lovely type posters designed by Nikita Gill. The use of her simple style and centred composition of typography allows her designs to be visually bold and the use of […]


I haven’t blogged in a while due to finishing the last block of the BA year. I now have more time to myself and actually enjoying the time to do other things than college work . Anyway the point of this blog was to share some pictures of my work on the exhibition display. The exhibition […]


Hand Lettering Designs

Here’s the rest of the designs from my editorial project that I thought I would share on my blog. I thoroughly enjoyed trying out hand lettering which have allowed me to gain the confidence to try out new techniques in the future.        


Etsy Posters

I’ve recently been on Etsy looking at various poster designs and came across some lovely Disney posters, obviously full of colour but with the use of a water colour paint effect. Some more abstract than others they are all wonderful pieces of art and could see myself buying some in the future and maybe trying […]


Finished Editorial!

So with all the hand lettering done, 2 sketchbooks full of development work and the editorial project finally handed in. I’m so glad it’s done, it was hard work but was worth it. I will be posting my  editorial project on my website soon, but I thought I’d share a quick picture of what the cover looks […]


More Invitations

So I’ve done a few posts on weddings now, but I had to post a picture of these wonderful wedding invitations we got from family down in Manchester. I love them so simple, elegant and full of pattern!          

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